About Us

If you need to expand your business and create your online community, choosing digital marketing services would be a knowledgeable decision. The global market is rapidly progressing towards digitization, and effective solutions will result from expanding businesses. Therefore, the NIV Studio, under the alias of the “Midnight Virtual Community,” with a ten-year experience of various artists in artistic and advertising styles of visual imagery, has always been a pioneer in producing new content online for expanding businesses by examining and analyzing the target market to deliver world-class artistic-advertising products effectively to its customers. Today, we are proud to bring new content production styles such as virtual reality to bring the experience of businesses’ products to the homes of those in need so they can have a different and artistic experience from a distance and even through their mobile phones. The studio includes experienced artists who can assist customers from the start to the professional state of their business.

Our Team

Sadeq Hayati

NIV Founder

Award-winning Pro Photographer and Editor

Amir Arsalan Amiri

Award-winning Pro Videographer and Editor

Reza Nasiri

Award-winning Pro Videographer and Editor

Mohammad Reza Ansari

Pro Videographer and Editor

Pro Drone Pilot

Our Customers