Sadeq Hayati

Sadeq Hayati

NIV Founder, Photographer & Videographer

Sadeq Hayati is a landscape photographer, videographer, and writer from southern Iran near the Persian Gulf. For over ten years, he has been on an endless nocturnal adventure to hunt for the hidden beauty in nature, especially nightscapes, and has been sharing his artwork online to inspire others to imagine and admire the night sky . to share more awareness about the hidden art in astronomy and space.

Perhaps for a hundred years, with the invention of electricity and light pollution, the night sky is no longer visible everywhere and has been forgotten. An amazing view that we face for hours like the day! It has a direct impact on our daily life! And indeed, he is the hidden truth. By seeing the depth of the universe, human beings realize their art worth love, and solidarity. The imagination is born from the sky, so The night sky stories develop hope and imagination.

My work style is real and single exposure, which means no composite or artificial intelligence is used and the scene you see is exactly what happened. People think it’s hard to see the sky and you may look unreal image. However, I tried to capture the nightscapes for the public by using familiar subjects such as human portraits in the night sky photos, using ordinary devices like mobile phones so that would be believable for people and they know that all imagination comes from reality!

My artwork has been featured by National Geographic, NASA, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian, Wikipedia, Royal Greenwich Observatory, and many more universal news. Gold positions in numerous festivals and execution of photography projects for global brands such as Apple and Samsung, Zhiyun tech.